How Many Onesies Do I Need?

A Sea of Selections


If you are pregnant with your first child, planning for your new baby can be a bit of a guessing game. First of all, you do not know until your baby is born what size he or she will fit into. And then, once you get the sizing down, how do you know how many outfits your baby will end up going through in a day? If you stock up on outfits so you don’t have to do laundry every day, is your baby going to fit into them for more than a month?

Insider Tips

Don’t be fooled by the name of the sizes. Many newborn babies never fit into a “newborn” size. If your baby does fit in the newborn size outfits, it will likely only be for a short time. The best thing to do is to buy only a few newborn size onesies (maybe 3-5) and a couple of newborn pajamas. Only take the tags off and wash one of the pairs of pajamas and one set of onesies. If your baby does not end up fitting into the newborn size at birth, you will be able to return the clothes with the tags sill on and you can donate the ones that you already washed. Bring one set of newborn and one set of 0-3 month size clothes with you to the hospital or birth center. If your baby is born prematurely you will probably want to buy a few more of the newborn size.

A Safe Bet

Most babies will fit in the 0-3 month size from birth. If you end up getting a lot of onesies this size as gifts, pick your favorite five or six to wash and leave the tags on the rest. If you end up needing more you will have them on hand and if you don’t end up using them you can just return them. The sizing for baby clothes is a little misleading in that, a lot of babies will fit in a size 3 months before they are 3 months old and they will likely be able to fit into the next size up before they completely outgrow the size they are in. Baby clothes sometimes look like they will be too big, but when you try them on your baby they end up fitting. If you are planning ahead and buying outfits for holidays and such that are six or nine months in the future, it is best to go up a size if you are unsure and remember to leave the tags on until you are ready to use the clothes.

Keep it Simple

It is hard to resist buying adorable baby clothes, but when your baby outgrows the ten ridiculously cute onesies and five pair of footed pajamas after only two months you might feel a little bummed out. Buying three to six plain white onesies and then two or three cute print onesies in each size is a good way to simplify your baby’s wardrobe and save money. It also allows you to either save them for use with you future children or easily pass them along to friends because they are gender neutral.



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