Chemical-Free Cleaning – Safe for Baby

Cleaning Products Are Not All Created Equal!

With so many different choices, shopping for cleaning products can be confusing and downright overwhelming! There are dozens of name-brand options on the shelves, each claiming to be the best and most efficient cleaner. For the most part, the conventional cleaning products that are sold on store shelves are different concoctions of very similar ingredients. The scents may vary from brand to brand and the bottles may be labeled for different purposes, but generally they are the same. And the most prominent ingredient that conventional cleaning products share? TOXIC chemicals.

Don’t Believe The Hype!

The companies that manufacture conventional cleaning products spend an enormous amount of money marketing their products to us. And sadly, this marketing often works. Companies subliminally gain our trust by bombarding us with images of their products and the illusion of their magic cleaning abilities. Then, when you are staring at the countless brands of cleaning products on the store shelf, you are likely to pick the product that is the most recognizable and familiar to you. But have you ever seen a commercial for a cleaning product that focuses on the product’s safety?


Dangers In Your Home!

When you spray chemical cleaning products on the surfaces in your home, the chemicals become airborne and enter into your body via your lungs and your skin. Children’s small and still developing bodies do not have the capacity to filter out toxins as fast as an adult’s body can. Most parents have learned the importance of properly labeling chemicals and locking the cabinets that contain cleaning supplies, but have you ever learned in a parenting class to just not buy chemical products in the first place?


Natural Is Best!

White Vinegar is the simplest way to clean around your home without using toxic chemicals. Vinegar is available at any grocery store and can be purchased in bulk at wholesale stores for an affordable price. Vinegar is a very effective sanitizing spray and when used in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide, one after the other (do not mix them in the same bottle), is more effective at killing bacteria than bleach. To ease the strong smell of vinegar, pour it over orange or lemon peel in a mason jar and soak for four to seven days before putting it in your spray bottle. Use your citrus vinegar spray to clean kitchen counters, sinks, floors, toilets and surfaces such as door knobs and light switches. For a natural cleaning boost and fabric softener, add half a cup of Baking Soda in with your laundry and put one quarter cup of Vinegar in the area designated for liquid fabric softeners or bleach. Hydrogen Peroxide is great for sanitizing the sink and will remove calcium buildup and hard water stains, just screw a spray nozzle right onto the bottle!


Safer Options!

Vinegar is the easiest and safest way to clean your home naturally.
Check out this video on how to make the citrus vinegar cleaning solution.
Below is a list of cleaning products that do not use toxic chemicals.
Or, get this complete natural cleaning set!
All-Purpose Cleaners:
Ecos Earth Friendly Products
Seventh Generation
Fabric Freshener
Ecos Counter top spray
Awesome disinfecting wipes from Seventh Generation
Dish Detergent 
Dishwasher Gel
Stainless Steel Cleaner
Fruit and Veggie Wash
Vinegar diluted with water is suitable for cleaning all floors.
A reusable wet/dry mop is the best method for mopping with your own cleaning solution and can also be used with a natural store bought spray
anti-bacterial floor cleaner from Biokleen
Honest Mopping Pads fit perfectly on a Swiffer dry mop.
Windows and Glass:
Dilute Rubbing Alcohol with water to a 50/50 solution
Seventh Generation
These magic eraser sponges wipe away soap scum on bathtub and shower with just water!
Earth Friendly Products Tea Tree Shower Cleaner
Biokleen Lavender BacOut
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Ecos Detergent for Babies
Biokleen Detergent
Biokleen Oxygen Bleach
Dryer Sheets
Stain Remover Spray
Hydrogen Peroxide works great on stains and will even remove blood stains!
Baking Soda
Happy Natural Cleaning!
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