Best Choice: Diapers

What’s In A Diaper?

There are a LOT of diapers on the market and choosing one brand over the other may seem of little consequence. The unfortunate truth about disposable diapers is they create a lot of waste which will ultimately end up in our already full landfills. Diapers that are made from materials treated with chlorine are not only harmful to the environment but can also be harmful to your baby.

A Better Option

Earth and baby friendly disposable diapers are available in stores and online and are a better option for your baby’s health as well as the health our planet!
Seventh Generation Diapers are made with chlorine-free cotton and do not contain fragrances. Seventh Generation’s diapers are made with sustainably sourced materials.
The Honest Company offers eco diaper and wipe bundles that ship to you for free at the frequency of your choice. This service is extremely convenient. No more emergency runs to the store for diapers! You will know exactly when and how many diapers and wipes you will have. There are many diaper prints to choose from with new prints added seasonally. You can mix and match diaper prints and sizes as well as overnights and training pants. If you end up with the wrong size, Honest will exchange for the correct size and ship to you right away.


The BEST Option!

Reusable cloth diapers are the most cost-efficient and the best for our planet. Technology has served us well, these are not the same cloth diapers that were available when our parents were raising babies! These reusable diapers are meant to be used from birth until potty training starts. They have adjustable straps and removable absorbent inserts.



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