Best Choice: Baby Bottles

Too Many Choices!

Feeling confused about which bottle to buy?
Not sure which one will work best for your baby?
You are not alone! With so many different baby bottles on the market, it is easy to get lost and overwhelmed while trying to make a purchase!

 It Can Feel Like A Cinderella Story

The best place to start is by selecting a nipple that is the right shape and size for your baby. It can be a challenge for some mothers to find a silicone nipple that resembles their own nipples and sometimes babies have a sensitive gag reflex or other issue that makes taking a bottle difficult for them. For these tricky situations, and cases where baby is picky, try the Baby Brezza or Tommee Tippee bottle. Both are designed with nipples that feel natural to babies.







Liquid Gold

Breast milk is loaded with everything your baby needs to grow strong and stay healthy. Plastic has been found to be toxic to our health and we are now learning that when we use plastic it can leech chemicals into foods and beverages. It is for this reason that so many parents are choosing glass bottles for their babies. If the baby bottle or other items your baby is eating or drinking from, or chewing and teething on, are made of plastic, be sure that it is BPA-free.
Lifefactory and Dr.Brown’s  are two examples of glass bottles on the market.















The Details Matter

To ensure that your baby is not getting too much or too little milk, be sure that you are using the right nipple. Silicone nipples come in levels one, two, three, and four with level one being for newborns, level two for babies three months or more, and so on. As with any food-related item, proper care and sanitation are paramount. Be sure to clean all parts of your baby bottles thoroughly and sanitize them before each use.


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