Baby Care Essentials – Part Two

Part two of our list covers baby personal care

Diaper Rash is so uncomfortable for babies and it can be very difficult to remedy. Unfortunately, with their sensitive skin, it is so easy for new babies to develop a rash. There are SO many different creams and balms on the market and most of them are basically the same thing, some form of moisturizer and zinc oxide. The only thing you will ever need is a jar of pure Lanolin. It will completely heal a rash as soon as overnight and works great to protect from future rashes!
Stuffy Noses can cause a lot of stress for new parents. When your baby can’t breathe normally it is worrisome and distracting, not to mention it can complicate nursing. The bulb syringe that is commonly sold in baby care kits works pretty well for day-to-day jobs, but if your baby is really stuffy, or you don’t want to spend the time repeating the squeeze and suck motions of the bulb syringe, you will love the Nose Frida!
Hiccups are pretty common for babies, and although they are not really a cause for concern, they can be annoying and can keep baby from napping or being able to nurse comfortably. This Gripe Water has worked very well at curing hiccups and can also be used for gas.


Gas is another discomfort that can be quite disrupting for babies and parents. Newborns can get very upset from gas pains before they understand what the pain is and how to help themselves relieve it. Gas drops can be helpful to alleviate the pain.
Tiny fingernails can be extremely hard to cut and can cause parents a lot of stress. When left untrimmed, baby nails will get very long and can leave pretty severe scratches on baby and mom. This electric nail trimmer is a lifesaver. It is best to use it frequently because it is not very effective once nails get too long. When you purchase replacement file disks, the coarsest ones are the best option and will last the longest.

Dry Skin can occur as the natural protective layer from the womb wears off or is washed off from bathing. Babies are also prone to dry skin because their skin is sensitive and it takes time for it to become acclimated to the environment around them. This can be exacerbated if the air is especially dry in your home.  A natural light body oil is the best way to hydrate dry skin and the minimal ingredients mean no harmful chemicals or potential skin irritants. When you do bathe your little one, make sure you use a gentle, chemical-free wash, or just a pure oatmeal powder. Babies do not need a lot of soap and can suffer from skin irritation if they are bathed too frequently.
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  1. Marlinda Davis

    April 30, 2017 at 5:04 pm

    Thanks for this information! One thing I was so afraid of was cutting my daughter’s fingernails. I agree, its such a hard thing to do. I wish I knew about that nail tool when she was a baby but her nails actually just break off so I guess I’m blessed there. Shea Moisture baby lotion and the honest company baby oil are really great for baby dry skin. Actually, my whole family use it too so its great for adults as well 😉

    1. rosaceae

      May 1, 2017 at 11:16 am

      Hi Marlinda!
      That is a blessing that your daughter’s nails would just break off. It is scary trying to cut a babies fingernails! Their hands and fingernails are so small and it can be quite a challenge getting them to hold still! My daughter’s nails were growing so fast and not only was she scratching herself, she was scratching me pretty bad! The electric file is the best! I agree, the body oil is nice and I totally use it myself as well!

  2. Alice

    October 5, 2017 at 1:19 pm

    There are some great tips here! I’d never heard of nail files specifically for babies but it makes perfect sense – I always used to just nibble my baby’s ones off!!!! But I think for my next I should be a bit more sensible! The Nose Frida is interesting – is this the one that you can attach to your vacuum?? I was only just talking to a friend about it this morning…

    1. rosaceae

      October 6, 2017 at 9:17 am

      Hi Alice! Yes, it is so great to have the Zoli Buzz to help us with those tiny fingernails! Clipping them is not only nerve racking when baby is a newborn, but then once they are a little older, it can be very challenging to get little ones to hold still!  The Nose Frida listed here is the type that uses your lung power to clear out baby’s nose. There are filters so that no fluids are transferred from baby to you 😉  The vacuum type sounds interesting, something I’ll have to look into!

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